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Starting out as engineers in one of the giant tech corporations, Brian Acton and Jan Koum are now co-owners of the world’s most successful instant messaging app. They stepped out of Yahoo! to find WhatsApp as small business venture with a big idea in mind. A company with over 55 employees is now brought over by Facebook Inc. and valued at 19$ billion, with over a billion users and counting.

Looking at the success start-ups possess, Indian IT giants who for decades had invested in software and server maintenance are heading to the Silicon Valley in search of such game changing opportunities.

Companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys and peers are all joining the Digital Bandwagon.  As they see the rise in demand for Digital services increasing in sectors such as banks, retail, health etc. They scaling up to innovate and seek lucrative contracts for unmanned cars, robotics and other advanced projects bridging the gap between online innovations and ever changing customer needs. Going head on with the likes of Google Inc and Facebook, and creating a foray into the Digital space, they also intend to bring a shift in their business models and work culture. It’s no longer going to be about hiring a class of engineering graduates to indicate their bench strength to complete projects. It’s about hiring fewer, efficient workforce who can get work done in smaller time frame.

To build and sustain such contracts, these companies are looking to collaborate with start-ups jointly develop solutions for clients. They are going all out and also eyeing to hire individuals with the niche skills in this area win and maintain an edge in their business. This is the time for programmers and developers to Strike gold with code. As your innovative program may just be the next big catch.

If you are a programmer who challenges the status-quo, indulge in our hackathon “Code the Future” on 11th July at Wipro Avenue, Bangalore and make your mark in the digital space.

 To register for the Hackathon – Click Here

See you at the hackathon.


Ace Hacker Team

Going Digital

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